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Helping the Community and Our Individuals

Specializing in securing meaningful community-based employment opportunities with the potential to earn the Connecticut state minimum wages or more, for individuals of all strengths and abilities

Our direct support specialist provides training and support to help individuals utilize ancillary resources, such as public transportation and community-based educational opportunities for workplace success. ICES, Inc. direct support specialist work cooperatively with employers and community resource providers to help individuals succeed with great potential for personal growth, independence, satisfaction, and productivity.


Assessment and Evaluation

We offer on-site evaluations and assessments to identify and secure job placements compatible with each individual’s personal interests, abilities, and ambition. Ongoing assessments and evaluations enable our direct support professionals to adjust programs and supports as needed to address individuals’ changing needs, interests.



We provide vocational training to help individuals develop a variety of marketable skills. Our direct support professionals offer hands-on education and learning opportunities in general maintenance, lawn maintenance, housecleaning, retail, secretarial, reception work and more.



Interested in Our Vocational Services?
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